A petition is a written request, complaint or referral bringing to SSIF Goldring’s attention facts that may prejudice the rights or interests of the petitioner, by means of which a petitioner or his/her legal representatives, acting exclusively on behalf of the petitioner and without any commercial interest of their own, expresses dissatisfaction with the investment service and activity provided by SSIF Goldring, or with the information provided by SSIF Goldring following requests for information received from petitioners.

Any natural or legal person may submit a petition which must contain the following information:

1. Name and first name/name of petitioner

2. Home/the correspondence address or registered office of the petitioner

3. Petitioner’s e-mail address

4. Petitioner’s Phone number

5. Subject of the petition

6. Damage deemed to have been caused

7. Reason for petition

8. The name of the person to whom the reply should be addressed, if it is to be addressed to a person other than the petitioner

9. Address to which the reply will be sent

The petition can be filled electronically using the form below or can be submitted to the company’s headquarters at 56A ,Tudor Vladimirescu Street, Tg-Mures.